Basic FAQ

Q. What does Finazz mean?

A. It is a play on the words "financial" and "analyze"- which is what our tool helps you do.

Q. Why do you spell wizard with two zeds?

A. This is a play on the Finazz name.

Q. What if I conduct my business on a project-by-project basis?

A. Ultimately, you want information about each project, as well as your business as a whole. Therefore, you should upload each project individually and run the analysis. You can also run an analysis on your entire business to obtain the overall results. If you do not have statements for each project, you can either use the manual upload function or format an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to be able to use either of the other two upload functions.

Q. I am in my first year of operations. How do I use Finazz when I have nothing to compare my results to?

A. Don't worry- you can manually input your budget, or wishlist of where you want to be, to use as a comparison. If your information is in a Microsoft Excel or CSV file, you can use one of the formats to add your budget before you upload to Finazz. You can also use Canadian averages for your industry. Check out the Resources tab to see how.

 Account FAQ

Q. How safe is my credit card information?

A. Very safe. Credit card details are encrypted from your computer and pass through us to the credit card company. We have decided not to keep the details on our servers to make us a far less potential target for computer hackers.

Q. What currencies can I use to pay for my subscription?

A. We display currencies in Canadian dollars. You will be charged the Canadian dollar amount and your credit card company will do the exchange for your currency.

Q. How do I renew my paid subscription?

A. Our system automatically renews your subscription until you decide to cancel it. You will receive an email 5 days before your credit card on file will be charged. You will be able to change your card details once the system notices that your existing card is unavailable. You can then update your details under Billing in your Account.

Q. Do you allow third-party party access to my customer data or company data?

A. We believe strongly in your right to privacy, and do all we can to protect the privacy of our users. Our business earns its money by selling software, never by monetizing your private data. Our privacy policy can be easily summarized in one line:

We don't sell or rent any of your data to third parties. Ever. Period.

In addition, we collect and keep as little data from you as we reasonably can. Collecting the bare minimum of data for our needs means there's little incentive for a malicious party to attempt to access our databases, as well as minimal consequences were such a potential breach to actually occur.

Q. Why can't I change my industry?

A. The explanations for the alerts in your data are somewhat industry-specific, and will become more industry-specific as we continue to update Finazz. Therefore, focusing on your most predominant industry will result in more helpful responses. If you truly have two very distinct industries, you may need to have two accounts.

Q. How do I change from a monthly subscription to a yearly one?

A. Having an annual subscription will save you money. You get 12 months for the price of 10. You can change your subscription by logging in to your account and then clicking on My Account, Billing and Update Plan. Save your changes.

Q. What if I want to cancel my subscription?

A. We are very sorry to see you leave Finazz.com. We hope your financial analysis needs have been met, and any questions or concerns have been addresses through our Report process. If you have a monthly subscription, your account will not be charged for the next subscription period. If you have a yearly subscription, your refund will depend on the time left to renewal. Please contact us if the situation above applies to you.

 Uploading Data FAQ

Q. How safe is my data?

A. Your data is stored in a safe location. Private information is on secure web servers. It can only be accessed with the correct username and password, known only by you. The password is stored in an encrypted hash form. That means even our Finazz staff cannot see your password. Also, when you upload your financial information only the numbers are uploaded, not your company name.

Q. How does my accounting information need to be formatted?

A. If you use Sage or Quickbooks your exported income statement will upload easily. Actually, any accounting software that exports to a CSV or Excel format can be uploaded to Finazz. Finazz has manual input capabilities, too. More information is in your Dashboard, Analyze my income statement, under the Resources section.

Q. Can I use Finazz if I use Xero?

A. Yes, export a two period income statement from your Xero accounting software and save it on your computer. Upload to Finazz using Quickbooks under your Dashboard and Analyze my income statement.

Q. Can I use Finazz if I use Wave?

A.  Yes, export and save a two period income statement from the Wave accounting program. Open in MS Excel. Click on Column B at the top and right-click to add a column. Then click on Column C at the top and right-click to add a column. You now have, account names in column A, a blank column in Column B, your current period numbers in Column C, a blank column in Column D and your prior period numbers in Column E. Next, change the account name Total income to Total revenue. Save the file to your computer. Use the Sage button to upload on your Dashboard, Analyze my income statement.

 Troubleshooting FAQ

Q. What if my question is not answered in the FAQ section?

A. Please use the Report process by clicking on the Report link at the bottom of the Dashboard page. Click Submit to send a question to our Finazz team.