Financial Help for Small Businesses: How Finazz came to be

Finazz was created in response to a problem we’ve heard small business owners and entrepreneurs face every day. We know the difficulties business operators deal with when they try to make sense of their financial numbers, or how they ignore their financial statements and focus on delivering to customers instead.

We get it.

Working as consultants with entrepreneurs has shown us time and again that if business owners understand and track their numbers, they’ll make better, and more informed, decisions often leading to less time-draining tasks, less stress and higher profits and growth, as well.

This all started a few years ago, when Karen Lightstone, one of our co-founders, was asked to speak at a conference in Halifax attended by day-care owners and operators. It was standing-room only. Her presentation had this timeless title: How To Make The Most Of Your Budget.

The reception Karen received at that workshop was good – almost too good. Attendees wanted to go back to their day cares and put in place the suggestions she presented.

When asked how they could use the recommendations, she realized that advising individual day-care managers would be a time-consuming, labor-intensive exercise that, at best, was impractical. What was needed was a digital product – software – that would help all entrepreneurs achieve their goals. It would be something that would act like a financial professional sitting beside them, guiding them in their decision-making, helping their business be successful.

But Karen couldn’t do it alone. In came Laurie Sinclair. Laurie works with entrepreneurs every day as a business trainer and consultant. She knows about strategic business growth and obtaining sources for growing entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Laurie works with are just like you. They have a passion for delivering their products or services to their customers. They are typically not stimulated by their financial numbers.

After much hard work, Finazz was born. The name is a play on financial and analyze, which is what Finazz does. The Finazz wizard was created to demonstrate the magic of Finazz to unlock the mystery behind the numbers. Instantly! The double zed in the wizzard name is a play on the Finazz name.

At Finazz we care deeply about the success of the small business owner. Business operators use Finazz, a user-friendly, financial-analysis and advice tool, to examine costs and revenues. They see where changes in the operation are needed – changes that will benefit the bottom line.

But it doesn’t stop there, it also allows them, with a click of a button, to get help figuring out what could be going on and how it might be fixed.

We have tremendous respect for the entrepreneur. You take risks that drive the economy, you show initiative and are innovative and you create jobs. Our passion and purpose at Finazz are to help you succeed.

The Finazz team is smarter and stronger together. With Finazz you can be smarter and stronger in your business too.